Configuration of a Z39.50-client

Last updated: 18.01.2020

The purpose of this decription is to give help on how to configure a Z39.50-client for using DanBib and other DBC databases.




Search and present




DBC's target is called Zgateway.

Zgateway is normally accessible 24 hours 7 days a week, but may be closed for maintenance.

Access to DanBib via the Zgateway requires login/password. See Access

The technical specifications are available at Zgateway - technical parameters for the official version

A test target for Zgateway is also available.
The technical specifications for this test access point are available at Zgateway - technical parameters for the test target

The Zgateway is our new Z39.50 target which will substitute the old target called Zpunkt. Zpunkt will be taken down sometime during 2020. Until then the specifications for the Zpunkt can be found here:

Zpunkt - tecnical parametres for the official service
Zpunkt - technical parametres for the test target

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The access to DanBib and the other DBC databases via Zgateway requires login/password.

Login/password is in 'V3-style'.

Login consists of:
'user-id', 'group-id' and 'password' in this order:

  • User-ID=netpunkt
  • Group-ID=[institution number]
  • Password=[forwarded password]

e.g.: netpunkt/716700/pumpluft

These parameters are normally declared in the configuration of the Z-client.
If the Z-client operates only with user and password, the Group-ID may be configured as part of the user-entry.

e.g.: user = netpunkt/716700 password = pumpluft

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Search and present

The Z-client includes a standard configuration supported by the vendor.

A trimming of the configuration parameters for search and present may be necessary to obtain the best use of the DBC databases.

The Z-client converts the search commands, i.e. search codes and search terms, to such strings.



A Z39.50 search is normally formed as an RPN-string (Reverse Polish Notation) consisting of an attribute combination (properties for the search required).

Search in DanBib and other DBC databases

Zpunkt fulfills the requirements defined in the Danish danZIG profile
Here you may find a description of the Z39.50 attributes.

The Danish Bibliographic Centre has defined some supplementary search codes, which are listed with attribute combinations, danMARC2 fields/subfields and a Danish description in DBC-søgekoder

If the Z-client is properly configured it may search DanBib with the same search codes as the client as described in Danish in søgning i



How to present the resulting records is also specified in the Z-client configuration.

The configuration of the Z-client includes definition of which formats to use when presenting the search results in the OPAC.
It may also define if the Z-client uses its own present formats or the formats provided by the Z-target.

Presenting records from DanBib and other DBC databases

The present formats are specified in Zgateway - technical parameters for the official version

For users of
The formats are very unlike the formats used in the described in Danish in visning i We presume that the Z-client designers define advanced present formats suited for their various Z-clients - especially the presentation of the hierarchical record structure.

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